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The Middle East is a place in the news all too often for the wrong reasons. While there are some parts that are off-limits, much of the region is perfectly safe to visit—and we recommend you do! From the archaeological wonders of Petra and the Dome of the Rock, to the amazingly futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai and Doha, the Middle East is a destination full of unforgettable contrasts and culture.

Top countries for Canadian travellers include Jordan, Israel, United Arab Emirates (that’s where you’ll find Dubai!), Lebanon and Uzbekistan: all are tolerant and welcoming of Western travellers. Keep in mind that the region in general is quite conservative with certain attitudes, such as dress and alcohol, so do your research before you go.

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What are the main Middle Eastern airport hubs?

The Middle East boasts a few major hubs, the most prominent of which being Dubai International Airport. It’s the busiest airport in the WORLD in terms of international passengers—almost 100 million travel through its enormous terminals every year. It’s also where Emirates is based, which is one of the biggest airlines offering flights to the Middle East.

Other big airport hubs in the region include Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi, and Hamad International Airport in Doha.

How to fly from Canada to the Middle East

The Middle East can be a bit trickier to get to than, say, the US or Europe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip! You can even find direct flights from some Canadian airports, like Toronto and Vancouver. Fly direct to incredible destinations like Dubai, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and more. Even if your home airport doesn’t have any direct flights to the Middle East, there’s sure to be plenty of connecting flights for you to choose from.

Some of our most popular airlines for flights to the Middle East are Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, Etihad and more.

When is the best time to fly to the Middle East?

Be warned: it’s always hot in the Middle East—it is largely desert, after all! However, some times of the year are definitely more pleasant than others. The best time to visit is during fall and spring, when temperatures hover fairly reliably around the 25°C mark. During the spring months, wildflowers bloom in mountainous areas, creating some beautiful scenery for exploring nature! We do recommend you avoid the height of summer if you can—it’s fiercely hot, with temps regularly sitting around 38°C.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from Canada to the Middle East?

Avgprice Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Date of search $1100$1200$1300$1400$1500$1600$1700$1800$1900$2000$2100

Prices based on bookings made 31-60 days prior to departure.

Why do Canadan students love visiting the Middle East?

The Middle East remains a relatively off-the-beaten-path destination among student travellers, it’s gaining in popularity for it’s incredible culture and history, beautiful architecture and delicious food. And, of course, there’s something to be said for visiting a destination that hasn’t already been visited by everyone you know yet!

Middle Eastern universities and campuses

While there aren’t as many international placements yet for studying abroad in the Middle East, there’s a lot you can learn on a trip to the Middle East even if you’re just there on holiday! If you do want to study abroad here though, some of the more prestigious and well-known universities in the Middle East include the Jordan University of Science and Technology, the United Arab Emirates University and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Check with your home university to see if any exchange or abroad programs are already established!

Middle Eastern lifestyle and culture

Middle Eastern culture is quite conservative, so be sure to do research on things like dress code and the like in the specific countries you plan on visiting. Some places are more traditional in their attitudes than others. Saudia Arabia, for example, is far stricter than somewhere like Lebanon when it comes to alcohol consumption. Anywhere you go, you should be mindful to dress conservatively when visiting temples or holy sites—this means shoulders covered and pants down to at least the knee (this goes for girls and guys).

Exploring the Middle East on a student budget

The Middle East has plenty to be seen and experienced on a shoestring student budget. As is always the case, there is plenty you can do for free, like wandering around amazing cities like Dubai and Tel Aviv. And you’ll be able to find hostels, cheap food and plenty to do on a budget in most Middle Eastern cities. Individual major attractions usually have student discounts, so make the most of that! The Middle East also has some incredible outdoor adventures, from beaches to mountains and desert expeditions.

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