Flights to Nanjing

Find Cheap Flights to Nanjing

Looking for cheap flights to Nanjing? We can help! Whether you’re heading home to enjoy Mom’s cooking or hoping to travel to China and experience the culture for the first time, we have cheap flights for you. Plus, Nanjing has been the capital city of several Chinese dynasties and kingdoms from the 3rd century, so there’s no shortage of history here. Even with all that history, though, Nanjing has plenty to do! Visit a museum or walk the Ming Palace. Shop late into the night at one of the night markets, or sing your heart out at a local karaoke bar.

Need an escape from the city? Make a trip to the Tangshan Hot Springs. Nanjing is famous for these hot springs and there are several resorts that offer different packages, including outdoor hot springs, herbal baths and even volcanic mud baths! Or visit Xunwu Lake Park, the largest downtown park in Southern China, right in Nanjing. There are plenty of walking trails and picnicking areas—and you can even rent a boat to take you around the lake.

Things To Do in Nanjing