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Life is no fun without a little spontaneity!

There’s nothing more exciting than changing your weekend plans from hanging out with your friends at home to instead taking a trip to a place you’ve never been. Check out our tips below on how to find the best last-minute flight deals.

Tips for finding last-minute flight deals

  1. 1. Use StudentUniverse

    Use StudentUniverse when booking your last minute flight. We negotiate prices with airlines that don’t change just because it’s last minute. Our airfare prices look more like a straight line than the market prices.

  2. 2. Be flexible

    Be open-minded when choosing your destination. When looking for cheap airfare, consider locations with great deals. Although you may have a handful of destinations on your bucket list, stay open to places you haven’t thought of yet.

  3. 3. Travel to off-season destinations.

    Choose locations that are less popular or in their off-season to get the cheapest flights. These destinations will also be less crowded so you can have a more enjoyable time without the hoards of tourists!

  4. 4. Use our flexible dates feature.

    Keep your departure and arrival dates flexible to compare flights and find the lowest fares. Generally, flights departing on Tuesday and Wednesday tend to be less expensive, flights departing on Friday and Sunday tend to be more expensive, and flights departing on Monday, Thursday and Saturday are in the middle.

  5. 5. Fly on a holiday

    Flying during the holidays can be tricky, but one way to get cheap flights is to fly on the holiday itself. Flying on Thanksgiving or Christmas rather than the few days before could save you hundreds of dollars.

  6. 6. Choose inconvenience

    Be flexible about your departure and arrival times as oftentimes you’ll find cheaper flights in the early morning, late evening or overnight. You can adjust these times using our search filters.

  7. 7. Compare flights constantly

    Start searching for flights early and often! The more you look, the more chances you have to find a great deal. As a general rule, Tuesday afternoon tends to show the cheapest flights, so you should look during that time to see if any prices have changed.

  8. 8. Stay in the loop

    If you don't have time to stay on top of the best deals, stay in the loop by signing up to our email list. We'll email you travel deals, news, contests and special offers.