Student Travel

Why travel as a student?

Although there is never a bad time to see the world, travelling when you're a student is particularly rewarding for a whole host of reasons. We'll give you a few of the key reasons below—then keep scrolling for advice on what to do, where to go and, most importantly, how you can make it all happen for the best possible price. We always have discounts and deals running on flights, whether in Canada or across the world.

Travelling as a student is awesome on so many levels. We could easily list 100 reasons here, but here are our top five!

Discounts & deals

There are TONS of deals to be snapped up when you're a student, both in the planning stages (i.e. booking your flights) and also once in-destination (i.e. using your student ID to get discounted entry into amazing places). At StudentUniverse we always have cheap student flights available.

Break from studies

Studies are super important - we know you know that - but it's important to find a balance, too. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out. The worst would be spending endless nights up to the early hours, gulping down energy drinks and get to the end of college and realize you spent the entire time in the library! Travel gives you a literal breath of fresh air, and provides really valuable perspective and education that you can't get in a classroom.

Personal growth

There's nothing like travelling to send your confidence into overdrive, and no matter what career you ultimately pursue, nothing will get you further than confidence and a healthy mindset. Whether you're hostel-hopping around Australia, on a sailing adventure in Croatia or negotiating the Trans-Siberian Express, you'll return home a totally different person—and that's a good thing.

Real world experience

It's all well and good learning things in theory in a classroom, but nothing can substitute actual real-life experience. This is why travelling as a student is so great—you can merge these two types of education. If you're training at school to be a teacher, why not try actually teaching for real on a TEFL placement in Thailand? No matter what you're studying, a study abroad programme or internship abroad can give you valuable experience that'll add to your education greatly!

Employers love it!

Travel experience frequently pushes candidates to the top of the pile when applying for jobs. Think about it: if everyone's taken the same courses and has reasonably similar grades, employers will be looking for that extra something to make people stand out. Travel is often the answer to that. Plus, you'll have all that confidence mentioned earlier - it goes a long way!

Things to do when travelling as a student

There are certain types of travel experiences that are perfectly suited for students, and we’ll whisk you through them here.

Study abroad

Clearly perfect for student travel, study abroad placements are great for those who don’t necessarily want to pause their education, but at the same time are craving the thrill of living in new destinations and making friends from different cultures.


Similarly to studying abroad, doing an internship overseas is a smart way to combine your current or chosen path with real life experience in new cultures. If you’re studying to be a veterinarian, for example, you could do an animal-care internship in South Africa, or if you're studying to be a teacher, you could snag a TEFL placement in Spain or Japan.

Flight and wing it

Maybe… just maybe… you’re fed up of being told what to do by everybody, and what to think, and where to stand, and how to do it. Maybe what you need is to break free, to have an adventure, experience true spontaneity, see what it’s like to have a total lack of a plan. In that case, you can just book a one-way ticket to wherever, and the world’s your oyster!

Best destinations for student travel

As with deciding what to do, there are some really great options when it comes to figuring out where you want to go, and we can get you there with our discounted student flights. These include places like Australia, which with its Westernised culture and exotic landscapes offers a perfect first step into adventure travel; the USA, with its options for epic road trips and big cities to explore; and Asia, with its buzzing cities, paradise islands and amazing street food.

Student travel services

So, now you know why your student years are some of the best times to travel, and hopefully you’re sufficiently inspired by all the amazing things you can do and the mind-blowing places you can see!

But we’re not done yet. For all this to become an epic reality, there are a few practical concerns to think about, and we can help with these too! Apart from booking your flights at a great price, we can advise on things like travel insurance and visas. Once you’ve signed up to become a member (it’s free!) you’ll also have 24/7 access to our travel services. This customer care center is dedicated 100% to finding you the best deals with our partnered airlines, and of course answering any questions you have once you’ve booked. Plus, we've got inspiration galore on our Instagram and our blog.