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We’re the real deal! We’re an online travel agency that’s specialized in getting student discounts on airline tickets for almost 20 years, so we’ve got a lot of experience in the travel industry—and in getting you discounts.

With 8.5/10 stars and over 16,000 reviews on ResellerRatings (our review platform that features only verified reviews from real customers), people seem to like us too.

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Unbelievable prices


Saved a ton of money on my flight to Switzerland - the cheapest I could find on google flights was $680 and I only paid $286 on student universe - amazing!

- jordanallend, ResellerRatings

Cheap and legitimate


Getting a ticket for 1/5 what the airlines were charging (saving about $2300) seemed too good to be true. It was true.

- delos, ResellerRatings

One way trip $70


I had been desperately searching for a flight to get me home (to Maine) all morning. I couldn’t find one that was in my price range. A friend told me about Student Universe awhile ago and I had yet to use it. I got on and searched for a flight. I had a $70 dollar flight booked for my one way trip home within 10 minutes!

- britniparker, ResellerRatings

Found best price and most choices!!


Saved $100 and found a better trip on StudentUniverse! Thank you!!

- 4rl, ResellerRatings



StudentUniverse had the cheapest flights I could find so that I could visit home for fall break of my first semester of college. I was really homesick and without StudentUniverse and their great prices I would not have been able to go home. I had no struggles with StudentUniverse and will definitely use for future flights!!

- madelynvrritter, ResellerRatings

Love Student Universe


This is the second time I've booked a trip through StudentUniverse and I love them. Their prices are always the lowest and their customer service is stellar and easily accessible at all hours by phone.

- makingheadlines1, ResellerRatings

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I literally just saved over $100 on a flight by booking through @StudentUniverse. I never cease to impress myself. #TravelMaven


Serious flight hack and not spam: I just used @StudentUniverse and saved a bunch of money. They have a buuuunch of cheap deals and discounts for students.


Look, if you’re a student under 26 searching for cheap flights...
Check Student Universe!
They offer a whole slew of flights at prices that aren’t even available to the public.


Just used your site to book a nonstop flight to Geneva for only $500, I just wanted to thank you, personally, from the bottom of my heart- for making a broke college student less broke ☺️


I may have been late on the train for Student Universe, but holy shit they hooked it up. Round trip to Edinburgh for $591 ✈️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Shout out to @StudentUniverse for helping me find a cheap flight back home! Thankful to be able to spend time with my family!


But what about your negative reviews?

Well, with 8.5/10 stars on ResellerRatings (our primary reviews platform), most of our reviews are positive, but that’s an aside. You’ll definitely see some negative reviews out there—as you will with any business. You’ll see that most of our negative reviews are related to the same topics and concerns, though. Here’s what you need to know:

Our prices are dynamic

This means that our prices are subject to change at any point during the searching and booking process. If you’ve ever looked for plane tickets before, you’ll know how frustrating it is to look at prices one day and then the next day, the price has changed. A lot of our negative reviews come from frustration with this.

Change & cancellation fees

Most of our flights are nonrefundable after 24 hours, which means that there will be additional fees should you need to change or cancel your flight. This is common across the travel industry, as these change and cancellation rules are set by our airline partners and not in our control. We get how frustrating it is to be hit with these fees unexpectedly: that’s why we always recommend to check the fine print on your ticket before booking. We DO have a 24-hour free cancellation policy on most of our flights!

Travel insurance

If you’re planning a big (or expensive) trip, travel insurance is a great idea. It doesn’t, however, protect you from everything and any trip insurance claims are bound to the policies of our travel insurance. Be sure to check the policies of your travel insurance plan before you purchase, so you’ll know what’s covered (and what’s not).

Currency Conversions

Currently, all of our prices are in CAD. You can see the prices in other currencies on our website in order to make the booking process easier, however, we charge all bookings in CAD. If you pay with another currency, your final price may be higher than expected due to exchange rates and/or conversion fees from your bank. Of course, if you book on our US site, you can pay in USD, or you can pay in AUD on our Australia site, or GBP on our UK site.


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