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Student flights from Canada to Beijing

Whether you’re heading home to Beijing for a holiday or flying around the world to explore Beijing for the first time, we’ve got cheap flights to Beijing to make your trip a lot easier. Walk the Great Wall of China, see the Forbidden City or see giant pandas up-close at the Beijing zoo. Come to Beijing for an epic vacation or an amazing study abroad experience—no matter what brings you to Beijing, it’ll be an experience like no other!

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map of Beijing showing the main airport

What are the main Beijing airports, and how do I get from them to central Beijing?

The main international airport in Beijing is Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). Nearly all flights from Canada to Beijing will arrive at PEK. Beginning October 2019, a new international airport in Beijing, the Beijing Daxing International Airport, will be open and serving both domestic and international flights.

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK): The PEK airport is Beijing’s main international airport, located about 20 miles from the city center. It has three terminals—Terminal 2 and 3 service international flights. It’s a busy airport, so leave 3-3.5 hours to get through security and customs.

The easiest way to get downtown from the Beijing airport is via the Airport Express train. It arrives every 15 minutes at both Terminal 2 and 3. A one-way ticket costs 25 RMB ($5). You can also take a taxi, which takes 1-1.5 hours and costs about 100-150 RMB ($20-30).

How to fly from Canada to Beijing

Canada is well-connected to Beijing, with both direct and connecting flights to Beijing from several Canadian cities, and many airlines to choose from. Search today to see what deals we have for you.

When is the best time to fly to Beijing?

Overall, Beijing is a good place to travel year-round, however there are some things you might want to keep in mind. Winters can be quite chilly with some snow, while summer months (especially July and August) are humid and rainy. Spring brings vibrant colors to Beijing and mild weather, so March through May can be a particularly good time to visit. Fall, too, offers milder weather and fewer tourists. For the cheapest prices and the fewest amount of tourists, visit in the winter. For the best weather, visit during spring or fall.

Keep in mind that Beijing can become crazy crowded during national public holidays! Chinese New Year (early February), Mid-Autumn Festival (mid-September) and early October are all times that you’ll likely find Beijing very crowded.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from Canada to Beijing?

Avgprice Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Date of search $300$400$500$600$700$800$900$1000$1100$1200$1300

Prices based on searches for 30-60 days prior to departure.

Why do Canadian students love visiting Beijing?

Why visit Beijing? Beijing has a bit of everything, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to experience Beijing’s modern architecture and shopping or explore ancient sights like the Forbidden City, there’s always more to see and do in Beijing. Keep reading for more things that students love about Beijing!

Beijing universities and campuses

Beijing universities and campuses

Two of the top universities in Beijing for international students are Tsinghua University and Peking University. Both of these schools have large international student communities, are world-class universities and are located in the famous Haidian District university town. Peking University is the #1 liberal arts college in China but is also well-known for its scientific research. Tsinghua University is a strong science and research school, but is also well-known for its business school.

Many Canadian universities also have study abroad programs in Beijing that you can learn about through your school’s study abroad office.

Beijing lifestyle and culture

Beijing lifestyle and culture

Life in Beijing is full of energy and fast-paced! Like many big cities, you’ll find that Beijing doesn’t lose energy after the sun goes down. Many students enjoy going to bars or KTV (karaoke) in the evenings. During your stay in Beijing, be sure to taste some of the most famous local foods, like Peking Roast Duck, a famous local dish. While you may find many of the customs in Beijing different than what you’re used to in the US, don’t be afraid to make mistakes—travelling in China is definitely a learning experience.

Exploring Beijing on a student budget

Exploring Beijing on a student budget

Good news: it’s totally possible to explore Beijing on a budget! From museums to national monuments, there’s plenty of free things to do. Even some of Beijing’s main sights have very affordable entrance prices. (The Forbidden City, for example, costs only 60 RMB, or $12 to enter.) Experience Tiananmen Square located at the heart of the city. Stroll through Wangfujing for some window-shopping and tons of street food or have a cup of tea on Maliandao Tea Street. Many of Beijing’s museums and parks are free as well, including the massive National Art Museum of China, the China National Film Museum, the National Museum of China and the Beijing Museum of Natural History. The Purple Bamboo Park is one of the most photogenic parks—perfect for a picnic or a couple of snaps for the ‘gram.

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