One Way Flights

One-way student flights

A one-way flight means freedom. It means extending your Iceland backpacking trip by two more days, just in time to see the Aurora Borealis. It means adding trips to Hong Kong and Thailand to the end of your semester abroad (and then booking the perfect flight home). Traveling transforms people, so why not give your plans a little wiggle room, too?

With the cheapest one-way flights available specifically to students and people under 26, there are so many reasons to leave your travel plans open-ended.The old rule is that a one way ticket costs just as much as a return ticket for half the distance, but that gap has been shrinking for several years. Now you can easily find cheap one-way tickets through StudentUniverse. In fact, sometimes buying two one-way tickets can be even cheaper than buying one roundtrip!

Why book a one-way flight?


Planning to backpack Europe or Southeast Asia? Your trip may not always go as planned, so it's common to end up needing to fly home from a different city than you originally planned. Give yourself freedom to go with the flow with a one-way ticket!

Last-minute flights

Found a cheap one-way flight for a last-minute getaway? Book it now, and then keep an eye out for a cheap return!

Studying abroad

Make the most of your trip abroad and prepare for the unexpected by giving yourself the flexibility on when you return! You never know, you may want to extend your trip at the end of the semester or circumstances may have you heading home earlier than expected.

Working abroad

Your work visa may require you to stay abroad for only a certain amount of time, but what if you end up wanting to fly home from a different airport than you originally thought, or need to head home via a different country? Stay flexible with one-way tickets.

Back-to-school flights

You may be finished with finals earlier than you think, or you may want to stay a few more days on campus to finish packing up. Either way, booking a one-way flight helps you avoid end-of-the-semester regret with the dates of your return flight home.

Score cheaper prices

Two one-way tickets are often cheaper than a roundtrip flight. Keeping an eye out for one-way options can help you score better deals and cheaper prices in the long-term!